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I read up on all the chapters a little before The Key and Its Travels was put up, and I quickly became a fan.
Since it's my job to doodle pictures, I doodled some pictures. Here is what I think September looks like.

And I drew this one a while ago. Please excuse how horribly not-like-him he looks, I got excited and didn't read carefully enough the first time through. I drew this, and then read it again, and realized it was all wrong :( Maybe I should go back and fix it.
Apologies to Mrs. CMV... I'll let my excuse be artistic interpretation!

and he has a hat because hats are cool, everyone should wear one.

I plan to draw the Marquess too now that we know what she looks like :)

good luck to all the participants of the contest, some awesome stuff in there :DD
Tags: artwork, fairyland museum, fairyland museum contest, september, the green wind
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