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Chapter 22

My darlings,

Is it true? Are we really here at the last chapter?

It's true, it's true!

I want to thank everyone here for all your thoughts, love, and Fairyland Museum exhibits. I want to thank catvalente for doing this for us, for giving us more than I think any of us could have hoped for when this was just a dream within Palimpsest. Thanks to my awesome co-mod talkstowolves for her much appreciated halp!

So this is the big finish (for now)! What are your final thoughts on the chapter, on the story?

Where do you think we'll go in the next book?

CMV towards the end of every story or book she's ever written has broken my heart wide open in ways that are both painful and beautiful. I wasn't sure if that would happen here, after all, this was a book meant for much smaller folks than her usual audience. But it did, it really did in Chapter 19 with the Good Queen Mallow reveal. It was just amazing and beautiful. The whole story was just so beautiful and dreamy and how I've always wanted to see Fairyland, even if I didn't know it yet.

A Certain Someone came back from the FairyWorlds Con with a wooden spoon in hand for me with hand burned etchings in it. I love it fiercely and it will be kept safely with my other magical tools and effects because after all, a Witch is nothing without her spoon.

Let's celebrate!

And it's never too late for some more Fairyland Exhibits!



Nov. 9th, 2009 06:03 pm (UTC)
Cat's books seem to come in times in my life when I am on similar journeys and need a friend or a light to let me know I am not alone. This one was no different. Sometimes even adults--maybe especially adults--need remembrances of what it is to be heartless, wanting adventure, and the price and rewards of those desires. This is just the kind of book I'd like to give to all my friends' children, to remind them to be actors in their own stories.

I lost my heart in Fairyland, but I found again a way to remember that these were the paths I had chosen, and the life and friends I have as a result. Even when it hurts--because that process of growing up does require blood.

I can't wait for the sequel and to also get a hard copy of the work. For now, I must content myself as the rest of the Ravished, until such time as the sequel is out and we may return again.

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