Deb is Consistently Inconsistent (corvaxgirl) wrote in onaleopard,
Deb is Consistently Inconsistent

Chapter 4

Has been posted!

What say you about shoes and hats and curled hair?

What of libraries as fathers and Wyvern?

What is your trade as all good creatures must have one?

I personally believe that this: A-Through-L marveled. His mouth dropped open a little. “What a violent little thing you are! Of course I’m bigger and of course I could say no, and of course in the days of Good Queen Mallow this would never have happened and we’re all very upset about it, but she’s the Marquess. She has a hat. And muscular magic besides. No one says no to her. Do you say no to your Queen?”

Neatly sums up all our world affairs.

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