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Chapter 22

My darlings,

Is it true? Are we really here at the last chapter?

It's true, it's true!

I want to thank everyone here for all your thoughts, love, and Fairyland Museum exhibits. I want to thank catvalente for doing this for us, for giving us more than I think any of us could have hoped for when this was just a dream within Palimpsest. Thanks to my awesome co-mod talkstowolves for her much appreciated halp!

So this is the big finish (for now)! What are your final thoughts on the chapter, on the story?

Where do you think we'll go in the next book?

CMV towards the end of every story or book she's ever written has broken my heart wide open in ways that are both painful and beautiful. I wasn't sure if that would happen here, after all, this was a book meant for much smaller folks than her usual audience. But it did, it really did in Chapter 19 with the Good Queen Mallow reveal. It was just amazing and beautiful. The whole story was just so beautiful and dreamy and how I've always wanted to see Fairyland, even if I didn't know it yet.

A Certain Someone came back from the FairyWorlds Con with a wooden spoon in hand for me with hand burned etchings in it. I love it fiercely and it will be kept safely with my other magical tools and effects because after all, a Witch is nothing without her spoon.

Let's celebrate!

And it's never too late for some more Fairyland Exhibits!


Chapter 21

My darlings,

Chapter 21 is now live. I have not yet had a chance to read it, but I am personally caught up to Chapter 20 (and OMG Chapter 19!!!).

Some of you may have read about Cat's current situation. Now those of you who know her personally know that she would never ask for donations to help her with her honeymoon situation. Those of you who know her personally also know she's not comfortable taking a donation for nothing.

So *I* am asking you that if you have it to spare this week, if you could donate for Chapter 21, it would be a kindness. If anyone deserves a nice honeymoon, it's our Cat. If you would like to boost signal about the situation, please promote donations for Fairyland or the sale of ebooks.

with love,

Help Cat!

I can't believe I'm writing this, but then again - it's happened to me. I shouldn't be surprised.

catvalente is stalled in Frankfurt, Germany - her travel agent planning her honeymoon did not clear her visa status before booking their flights through to St. Petersburg. They are now stuck in a very expensive hotel trying to find the $$ to continue their voyage after they've had to pay change fees due to the agent's blunder.

Their agent, a well-known internet-based firm - has refused to accept any responsiblity. They are completely on their own. (I know these guys. I believe it.)

They can get their visas and continue - for $900, payable RIGHT NOW.

I don't know about you, but I wasn't able to attend the wedding and I certainly haven't gotten them a wedding present yet.

Cat does not feel right about accepting straight donations - but she did update her online YA novel this evening, and as it has always run on the donation model (you like, tip the writer), the jar is out.

Toss a bit more in, would you? And enjoy the story - it's a very, very good one.

Thanks in advance. Signal boost, please?

Chapter 20

is live!

Please discuss here!

(Mod is still moving, sigh)

Big Crazy Awesome

In a mad turn of events, I wanted to tell you all that Fairyland has sold to Feiwel & Friends, the YA imprint of Macmillan.

Along with a sequel.

You guys will always be the first adopters--Fairyland Pioneers. Thank you for everything--it's only just beginning.

Also I'm dying to hear what you guys think of Chapter 19 and the Marquess and everything, so consider this your discussion post!

Chapter 18


I'm still getting caught up from vacation, moving, and illness, but you should discuss Chapter 18! I will be up to speed next week.

We could always use more exhibits in the Fairyland Museum, post your artwork, recipes, writing, songs, etc!


Chapter 16

Chapter 16 is live, my darling onaleopard compatriots!

Alas, I have no clever questions for you, but I see that Chapter 16 is one "In Which September Feeds Herself, By Gruesome Means," so I'd say we're in for something quite interesting.

Bring your thoughts and effusions and questions to this post, my dears!

P.S. Our Main Mod, corvaxgirl is away on a cruise this week! If you've any questions or concerns, make sure you send them straight to me for now.

Lisa Falzon

I followed the rabbit hole of blog links last night to arrive at the blog of artist Lisa Falzon.  When I went to look at her Etsy shop, I saw a print there of a piece that reminded me so much of September, I had to share it!!  It's not fan art...it's meant to be a girl liberating a leopard from a circus, but there you have it...the girl on leopard-back, dark hair, holding a wrench.  :)


Chapter 15

is now live!

Please discuss! CMV values your insights and thoughts!

Also, if you have a little extra money, don't forget to donate!

Interlude 2

is live!

Please discuss and pardon your mod, I am (hopefully!) finally closing on my house.

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