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Fairyland Museum Contest Poll


As you may recall, the winner of the Fairyland Museum Contest is determined by none other than you, our fabulous community! It was a bit of an undertaking, so if I forgot anyone, or if anyone's link isn't correct, etc. please let me know and I will fix it straight away.

Vote for your favorite artwork. The person with the most votes wins the Chest of Wonders. The polls will close on Friday at 11:59p.

(Sigh. I did the poll in Poll Creator, which I should have known better than to do. meltedrachel's piece is actually found here, my apologies)

Poll #1439627 Museum Contest

Who is Your Favorite for the Museum Contest?

littlekuroneko's entry (September and A-L, Ink and Watercolor)
arkofeden's entry (A Novel Beginning, Ink)
mussare's entry (Barleybroom Ferry, The Wyverary, Perfume)
theironchocho's entry (Things Up Till Now, Mixed Media)
sun_moon's entry (Somewhat near the Briary, Jewelry)
ravenedgewalker's entry (Fairyland Charm Necklace, Jewelry)
kukusamaki's entry (The Irascible Heroine Meets the Three Witches, Drawing)
arianhwyvar's entry (September's jeweled key brooch, Jewelry)
enui_iune's entry (A Wyvern, that is also a Book, Paper)
melted_rachel's entry (September and the Leopard of Little Breezes, Textile)
weatherglass's entry (All the colors of my story, Jewelry)
morganacat's entry (Wyverary book sculpture, Paper)
inaurolillium's entry (The Gift of Casamira's Beetle, Jewelry)
saraphina_marie's entry (Ode to The Green Wind!, Jewelry)
sidhe_etain's entry (To Lose Your Heart..., Collage)

(More entries, continued)

thanate's entry (a Pigmy Wyverary, Mixed Media)
briarspell's entry (A Wyverary Necklace, Jewelry)
rubymulligan's entry (Fairyland Soap, Perfumes, and Bath Salts)
hoshikaze's entry (Leopard of Little Breezes, Jewelry)
entropyemma's entry (Tally Ho, Drawing)

from the closet between worlds,
Boredom Reigns

Contest Entry... Just under the wire

So, I think It's pretty obvious by now who everyone's favorite character is. :P

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Ink and watercolor, 12x16"
Sorry the pictures aren't fabulous. I JUST finished and haven't had time to press the page flat yet. The highlights and scepter are in gold ink, but I'm not sure you can see that very well.
I'm also working on a version colored in photoshop, but that's gonna take me another week or two. I'll post it when I'm done just for kicks.
All: Creation

Fairyland Museum Contest: A Novel Beginning

Hi, all--I'm a lurky lurker who lurks, but I definitely do read. And until lately, I'd gone years without drawing anything worth mentioning, but I busted out the sketching gear for this contest. Funny how so many other people decided to focus on the Wyverary too... He's still my very favorite character. ^_^

The scan is sort of big, so I'll just post a link to its DeviantArt page, which also has more of me talking about it (if you like that kind of thing). The pic itself shows the Wyverary hatching with Mama and Papa nearby.

I'm so psyched that I was actually able to finish a drawing. This is such a big deal for me~ XD

Thank you and enjoy!


Fairyland Fragrance

Having been In Want Of A Functioning Camera, rather than a Leopard, and having only an hour before the deadline, I would ask that you imagine I was able to coax more than one photograph from our querulous camera. Both scents are in identical bottles, differing in colour, to make for easier imagining.

Barleybroom Ferry

"September almost tripped for gawking. Folk surrounded them, pushing, laughing, shouting, all laden with every kind of suitcase and traveling pack, from brass-banded steamer trunks to green handkerchiefs tied around knotty sticks of hawthorn. September tried to look as though she belonged there, back straight, eyes ahead."

Wet with indigo and a hint of tea, shot through with hawthorn blossom, adventure... and a sprightly hint of Pooka. (Main notes: Black Tea, Melissa, Sage, Geranium, Pink Grapefruit)

The Wyverary

Perhaps not all too different from rubymulligan's delicious sounding perfume, this one is grounding, solid and rich, all that one would expect from such parentage as A-through-L's (and composed only of those appropriately named oils). (Main: Black Fir, Cognac, Coffee, Clove, Hyssop)
sun moon

Fairyland Contest Entry: 'Somewhat near the Briary'

“Listen, Mr. Brass-Ears! I should like to find a place that is cool and shady, somewhat near the Briary, but not too near, where we can rest and laugh and see something wonderful of Pandemonium while we wait for the sun to set.”

“And lemon ices,” whispered Ell.

“And where they serve lemon ices,” finished September firmly.

(handmade 'somewhat near the Briary' necklace by juliette:  Vintaj brass findings, handmade polymer beads, glass Czech beads)

swirling birdies

Fairyland Charm Necklace

Coming in rather close to the deadline owing to key issues.....yea - that key which I envisioned the whole necklace round vanished at the last minute.......thankfully, it allowed itself to be found, rather belatedly and after some desperate attempts by myself to age less appropriate keys. (it turned up in a very, very odd place)

handmade bronze Byzantine chain, made with heavy bronze rings.

A Centre piece - Victorian ornate key (it's from my wonderful writing desk) with (among others) bone clock hand, ceramic Wyverary, spoon, moon, clock parts malachite and Fire agate beads

photos, alas are somewhat lousy, owing to the key's wandering nature it's now nearly midnight and Quite, quite dark!



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Contest Entry

Hello for the first time! I'd been a long time reader of Catherynne Valente's works but had only noticed this community when it was up on spotlight. I hope you don't mind my newbie-ish status but here is my introduction and entry in the contest.

I was very happy to learn of this contest seeing as I'd already started my own fanart for the Museum. Unfortunately I wasn't that far on it yet but this is the
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I also have a deviantart account and wanted to know if it was against contest rules to post this there as well. Thanks!