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The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland
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The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
"The fairy book from Palimpsest can now be read online, for free. It is YA, more than safe for children. The title may well serve as a synopsis, but it involves a young girl named September, spirited off to Fairyland, which she finds under the thrall of the wicked Marquess, and all her friends and battles there. The first chapter is up now, subsequent chapters go up every Monday. I've also included an audio version of the chapter and will do so for all of them, so that when it is done there will be a tidy little audiobook.

The novel is entirely free. Pay what you think it's worth, when you are inspired to, and only if you want to and can--times are tough for all and I will not be upset in the least if you read this without paying for it. That's what it's for, to be read. It is a full length work--I estimate it will take about six months, posting a chapter a week, ending right around Christmas. Whether you pay anything for it or not, please do give it a try. Being YA, it's quite different from most of my books, but I think you'll see echoes of The Orphan's Tales in there.

This is the original post explaining the hows and whys of Fairyland. To sum up: my partner and I are in a rather bad place financially, as he has been out of work for many months and I have been struggling to pay all the bills on a freelance writer's income. This, along with the long-standing Omikuji Project and my ebook store, is what I have done to try to move us towards better days, to keep us from falling through the cracks while waiting for better days to come. I want to make it clear at this late stage that I'm not asking for charity--this is work, quite hard work, that I am offering in hopes that a readership will find it worth something. We are not spending this money on anything but the basics of survival, keeping our heads above water while we both continue to look for work." - CMV

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